Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire

Addiction And Abuse Of Oxycodone

Oxycodone can be found in various forms and it is a very strong painkiller that can be accessed with prescription and can also be very addictive substance.

A very powerful pain reliever, Oxycodone features at the top of the list of most commonly abused prescription drugs. People suffering from high levels of chronic pain rely on the pain relieving properties of this powerful drug which is one of the reasons why it may be hard to stop taking it.

It could save a person's life when you realize that they have an Oxycodone abuse problem.

Numerous individuals who abuse Oxycodone begin taking an endorsed sum -however as their body builds up resilience to the medication, they require a higher dosage to keep up a similar help or high.

The move from use to misuse and to addiction can be a snappy and perilous way. Oxycodone addiction, besides being expensive, is dangerous, even fatal.

The Declination Into Oxycodone Dependency

Recreational Consumption

  • Taking a higher dose than prescribed
  • Taking Oxycodone at social gatherings
  • Searching for Oxycodone for alleviation on awful days
  • Feeling extraordinary euphoria while using


  • Longing for Oxycodone to adapt to personal issues
  • Developing tolerance
  • Public drowsiness
  • Hiding Oxycodone use or feeling deep embarrassment of the use of it


  • Making Oxycodone more important than rest of the things in your life
  • Putting your life and other people's lives in danger without worrying
  • Having financial issues because of Oxycodone use
  • Endangering relationships and health

Oxycodone addicts need medically managed detox and treatment programs in order to be fully recovered. These programs also reduces the chance of relapse. Get in touch with us to find out how you can receive treatment.

What Is Oxycodone And The Brands

Moderate and high levels of pain are usually treated with drugs that contain a powerful pain reliever called Oxycodone. Shapes, sizes and colours vary in regard to the dose and brand of these painkillers. Brand names of the most popular drugs having Oxycodone are If you or somebody you know is battling with Oxycodone dependence, don't hold up any more to get assistance. You can contact us to get help for this addiction, call 0800 772 3971.


Oxycontin has been the most abused Oxycodone-based drug. It is a prescribed drug. The medication's controlled-release formula relieves endless pain and help up to 12 hours. A lot of users dissolve the tablets in a liquid in order to inject it, or they squash them and then snort Oxycontin in order to overcome the time-release effect. All these ways of consuming give the highest amount of desired effect from the drug.


The mix between Oxycodone and Acetaminophen (the primary ingredient in Tylenol) is called Percocet. Percocet is a pain reliever and given to people suffering with severe or moderate pain. Percocet is also abused in a similar way to Oxycontin i.e. crushing and snorting. People also abuse Percocet by taking higher doses or for more time than what doctor has advised or taking it intravenously.


This is an Oxycodone brand of drug that is released much faster. This is a common presurgery medication that is used to calm or sedate patients. People abuse oxycodone to get an instant high because of its rapid-release formula. People consume Roxicodone by crushing it or melting it down so It can be smoked or injected.

Oxycodone goes by many names on the street including Oxycontin, hillbilly Heroin, percs, killers, roxi's, OC's and oxy.

Short-term prescriptions of painkillers that contain Oxycodone are given to people who've undergone surgery or suffered trauma while long-term prescriptions may be prescribed to cancer patients and people suffering from arthritis. All-day relief is secured with prescription forms of Oxycodone.

Oxycodone is made by changing thebaine, a natural substance found in opium. Because Oxycodone is an opioid, it is often classified with Codeine, Morphine, or Heroin. Oxycodone is a scheduled II drug. This classification signifies that while the drug is used medically, the chances of its abuse are high. When oxycodone is taken more than the suggested dose in the prescription and in a longer period of time, it is an abuse to the drug. Consuming it by chewing it, crushing it then snorting or injecting it is also an abuse.

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Oxycodone Effects And Misuse

When someone takes Oxycodone even when a doctor has not prescribed the medication to him or her or uses Oxycodone for a longer period than recommended by a doctor, he or she is said to be abusing Oxycodone. People crave the euphoric effect that Oxycodone supplies. Oxycodone gives quite the same effect with Heroin.

Only Percocet was prescribed close to 32 million times in 2011, which means that accessibility and wide use is evident for Oxycodone. Some are unaware of the risk until they develop a tolerance and eventually become dependent on the drug.

A person who uses Oxycodone may experience

  • Joyfulness
  • Less anxiousness
  • Cocksure
  • Tranquillity

Since remedy painkiller utilize is by and large acknowledged in the public arena, it can be hard to distinguish or address Oxycodone abuse. The problem is made harder to identify where people may be using valid prescriptions to get the drug which they later abuse. It's only when the drug starts to have serious negative effects on a person that the problem may become obvious.

Ordinary Drug Combinations

It's not safe to mix Oxycodone with other substances particularly alcohol. Combining these substances can be harming, or even fatal, because alcohol and Oxycodone are both affecting the central nervous system in the same way. The heartbeat and respiratory functions may be seriously slowed down when these two substances are mixed. Let's say it does not make the users overdose, there are other inevitable damage to the body, such as brain damage.

Abuse of stimulants, Marijuana and Benzodiazepines is also common among people who abuse Oxycodone. Oxycodone addicts often use other drugs with Oxycodone to increase or reduce the intensity of its effects.

Oxycodone can be used as a substitute of Heroin. At the point when a man dependent on Oxycodone can no longer get their solutions filled, they may swing to Heroin for a less expensive, more available medication with comparable impacts.

Stats On Oxycodone Abuse

Abuse of Oxycodone is still quite common despite the obvious dangers and many people even combine it with alcohol.