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Learn About Meth Withdrawal

Meth is amongst the highly addictive drugs in America. A physical and psychological addiction to the drug can develop in some users just after a single use.

After choosing not to keep consuming Meth, the addicts may go through setbacks. Professional assistance during this period is crucial.

Reactions to Meth withdrawal range from mild to severe and in some cases result in death if not treated. The withdrawal procedure is very hard for Meth users and should be tracked by a medical professional.

The function of the brain is quickly altered by this drug. Soon, the body is unable to function naturally without Meth. The reactions the body goes through as the user tries to stop using Meth are called withdrawal symptoms.

Symptoms Of Withdrawal

Withdrawal from Meth can be intense as the addiction is really powerful. Both the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal will be experienced by the users. The severity of the symptoms differ from patient to patient and will be mild to very strong and sometimes fatal. Generally, a longer and more intense withdrawal process is experienced by those who inject Meth frequently and for a prolonged period of time. Harshest symptoms during the first month are experienced by most of the users, while experiences for individuals may vary from each other.

General Meth withdrawal symptoms comprise of

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Increased hunger
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis
  • Delusion
  • Stress
  • Relentless unhappiness
  • Mood swings
  • Migraines
  • Short concentration span
  • Painful body
  • Yearning for Meth

An intricate withdrawal process is expected in those who combine the use of Meth and other drugs, called polydrug abuse.

Withdrawal Duration

During the first or second day of stopping Meth use, the patient will start exhibiting withdrawal symptoms, and they may continue for three months. The period of the withdrawal process ranges from addict to addict depending on seriously and often they abused

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The duration of withdrawal depends on many individual aspects, including the addict's

  • Technique of using (ingesting, snorting, smoking or injecting-people who primarily shoot Meth often experience more severe withdrawal)
  • Metabolism (how fast the body gets rid of the drug)
  • Tolerance
  • General health
  • Level of addiction
  • Length of addiction

Afterwards the withdrawal symptoms are generally milder however depression and cravings may persist.

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Periods For Meth Withdrawal

Extreme fatigue is experienced by the users and they sleep more often than normal during this time period. Mind-set of dejection usually set in.

A few days later, they have serious urges to take the drug. Mood swings can happen and it's hard to concentrate or remain motivated. Headaches, body pains, and sleeping issues may also be experienced by the users. For those with high addiction, they may develop unreasonable fear, see things that are not real and become a nervous wreck. Once the first 7 days are passed psychosis and delusion shall decrease.

But the lack of commitment and the troubles to fall sleep can last more days. Despair and Meth hunger usually continue.

Most users start feeling better about a month after quitting. Most of their withdrawal symptoms fade away, though feelings of depression may remain. Other symptoms that may persist are the impulse of using the drug.

Detoxing From Meth

One starts treatment by getting rid of Meth in the body. The process of kicking the Meth out of a person's system completely is called Detox. Withdrawal symptoms including severe urges to take the drug are strong during detox and require professional management. What these programs over is the medical supervision of withdrawal, at the same time helping users to feel safe and comfortable.

The process can be adapted to each addict because is not attached to any medicaments to it. But some medicaments are being tested to help the patients. A drug that is been given to cigarettes smokers so they can endure the depression and it can be used for Meth addict in an near future is Bupropion.

Treatment For Meth Addiction

The greatest chance is given to those struggling with Meth addiction by the Inpatient rehabs having a successful recovery. To offer the best Methods to each patient, these centres provide them with customized treatment that is adapted to the needs of the user. As part of their treatment plan, many centres offer medically assisted detox.

But if the patient requires do the process, the treatment and detox out of the centre, the centre also offer this help. To figure out the best treatment option for you it is best to consult a medical professional or addiction treatment specialist.