Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire

Addicts And Abusers Of Ketamine

Addicted To Ketamine

Ketamine is a drug that causes hallucinations and is a common party drug among young people. Sometimes, it is used by humans and animals as a tranquilizer.

Ketamine addicts show detachment from people and things around them and find it impossible to live a normal life.

People's behaviour turns irregular, lose coordination while speaking and are unable to have normal personal interactions at this point.

Symptoms of having Ketamine dependency are

Getting over Ketamine addiction on your own is not easy. Sadly, when anyone wants to avoid using these drugs, the chemical changes in the brain resist to do that.

  • Increased dosages
  • Over eagerness to use again
  • Overspending
  • Neglecting daily responsibilities
  • Needing greater quantities of Ketamine
  • Not caring for family and friends

With expert help, anyone can recover from Ketamine abuse. To start to regularise dependent peoples' minds, having adequate medical care is the first step to overthrow the brain's chemical imbalance.

Knowing About Ketamine

Medically used for causing anaesthesia, Ketamine, which is also known by other names like cat Valium, Special K, Vitamin K, or Kit Kat, is used by many to get a high. It is mostly used by youths in clubs.

Just like Anabolic steroids and Codeine, Ketamine is a Schedule three controlled substance and is usually sold with the brand name Ketalar.

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Drugs under schedule III category are likely to result into physical addiction; however, they can also cause mental addiction.

The high which Ketamine produces does not last for long and a user quickly develops tolerance to it and consequently needs it in higher quantities to attain a high.

Acquiring this drug without a valid prescription is illegal.

Produced in liquid form, Ketamine can be used as an injection; as an off-white or white powder, snorted; or it can also be used as a pill. Ketamine turns its users into entirely powerless individuals, which is why many rapists use this substance to make their victims unable to defend themselves.

Effects Of Ketamine Abuse

Being a dissociative hallucinogen tranquilizer, Ketamine makes the user experience a complete body buzz, thereby causing noticeable sense of ease. The effects of the drug last for no more than an hour. Ketamine can also cause what is known as the K-hole which has been described as an out-of-body experience, and this is most commonly seen when high doses of the drug are introduced intravenously.

Properties contained in the anaesthetic can lead to numbness, hence, serious injuries and accidents due to its influence.

its not easy to tell how much of the drug will be too much since the drug is known to be unpredictable. When Ketamine is mixed with alcohol or other drugs, the risk of suffering an overdose is very high even when only small amounts of the drug are used. This anaesthetic can cause the full loss of mobility. High doses of Ketamine can result in death because of failure within the respiratory system.

The Effects Of Mixing Ketamine With Other Drugs

In most cases, Ketamine is used alongside other drugs, which can aggravate the adverse side-effects of the drug. In its liquid state, Ketamine is easily mixed into alcoholic drinks or added to tobacco or marijuana products. It is very risky to mix Ketamine with alcoholic beverages because of its depressant effects on several systems of the body.

Using Ketamine alongside other depressants is likely to cause a low heart rate as well as poor respiratory performance.

Ketamine's powder form can be easily mixed with other powdered drugs and produced into a capsule or pill. Ketamine and MDMA can be hazardous when mixing them together because Ketamine is a depressant and MDMA is a stimulant. Psychedelics like DMT and acid (LSD) have also been known to be mixed with Ketamine.