Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire

The Signs Of Heroin Use

Compared to other drugs, the results of taking heroin are much more serious. Knowing the various symptoms indicating Heroin abuse could aid you in saving some else's life

Heroin is among the highest ranking addictive drugs in pharmacopeia. Most of the people who have fallen victim to it didn't intend on getting hooked to it, but its use is associated with an irresistible urge to use it the more.

Heroin users tend to hide their addiction making it difficult to detect and address the issue as early as possible. It's uncommon for new heroin addicts to inoculate the drug as needle or "track" signs are an obvious proof.

Some of the tell tale signs of heroin abuse include

  • Having bloodshot eyes
  • Tiny pupils
  • Quick weight loss
  • Withdrawn behaviour
  • Altered physical appearance
  • No enthusiasm
  • Extreme drowsiness or nodding off
  • They may suddenly be constantly borrowing money

Heroin And Its Risks

Heroin and its habit-forming characteristic is why many people consider it a risky drug. Heroin can indirectly cause death besides its short lived or lasting consequences.

The rates of transmission of infections such as HIV or Hepatitis is quite high among Heroin users.

Users that usually inoculate heroin and share their needles have a higher change of viruses which originate from the blood. The increased rate of spread of diseases among addicts may come from increased risky sexual behaviours. Expecting mothers incur in a big chance of miscarriage.

Suicide attempts also tend to occur at higher rate among individuals who are dependent on the drug. In other situations people overdose on the drug with an aim of taking their own lives. There is a much higher risk of suicide in people who are dependent on heroin in case they had other previous mental health problems such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Withdrawal from the drug may also cause depression and this alone is enough to cause some users to attempt suicide. Call us for support if you or a person you care about is facing heroin problems.

Heroin dependency can also cause other symptoms such as

  • Depressed
  • Delusions
  • Insisted Itching
  • Irregular passing of stools
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dry mouth
  • Slurry Speech
  • Damaged veins
  • Nausea and Throwing up

Long term heroin use only deteriorates the person's health A prolonged period of use, could potentially lead to a destruction of the immune system as well as the internal organs. There is an escalation in the chance of getting communicable and no communicable ailments. Besides immune suppression, long term heroin users often develop liver, heart, and lung complications.

Heroin suppresses the body's breathing and blood circulation processes which expose the user to fatal overdose risk. An overdose that is non-fatal will easily lead to the patient going into a coma or developing irreversible brain damage.

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How To Identify A Heroin Addict

Experimenting with heroin can quickly lead to addiction due to its physically and psychologically addictive qualities. There are 11 distinct signs of heroin addiction stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Abusing heroin, starting to resist it and taking it having in mind the terrible effects are part of those 11 signs. The severity of the addiction is characterized by the number of symptoms that can be seen in the addict.

There exists a wide range of treatment options that could help one get over the addiction, and for the record a huge number receive treatment for heroin addiction on an annual basis.

Experimenting with heroin can quickly lead to addiction due to its physically and psychologically addictive qualities.

How To Intervene When Someone Is Addicted To Heroin

Heroin addicted people are ready to seek treatment for their problem. Those in the initial stages of heroin addiction, usually have not yet appreciated the need for treatment of their mild addiction. For person's with chronic addiction it is common to find that they have unsuccessfully tried in the past to stop. Carrying out an action could be the proper way to convince them into seeking treatment.

Removal And Curing

Physical craving comes along with overdoing heroin and this is what best describes its dependence. Physical dependence is characterised by withdrawal symptoms and the demand for an increased quantity of heroin to attain more intoxication.

Withdrawal symptoms of heroin may start as early as two hours after taking the drug and while Cocaine and marijuana don't cause physical withdrawal symptoms, heroin withdrawal symptoms includes serious physical pain. Heroin withdrawal also has psychological symptoms.

Depression, muscle soaring, and cold sweats are a few of the side effects of heroin removal.

Sometimes the withdrawal symptoms of heroin last for many months but in most cases, most of the symptoms last for seven days. The help of a professional treatment centre and medication to safely manage heroin withdrawal is often needed. Rehabilitation and healing groups in a surrounding with no temptations are provided by these rehab clinics. Secure a treatment centre for heroin addiction close to you today.