Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire

How Crack Cocaine Is Made

After the initial use of crack Cocaine, dependency can evolve and keep growing since that first high can't be reached with the same dose of the drug.

It is termed a hard rug due to its make up but appearance can be deceiving, it is white, the colour of purity but it is far from it. This is how you make crack Cocaine. You mix the Cocaine powder with baking soda or ammonia. After that, the mixture will turn into something like "rocks". That "rocks" is what we call crack Cocaine. Some crack users heat the substance with aluminium foil or soda cans, although crack is mostly vaporized in a glass pipe.

Popping or cracking sound this substance produces when it is heated is responsible for its name - crack Cocaine. There are other names to call this substance; they are rock (s), kryptonite, sleet, cookies, and sleet. But people often call it crack.

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Crack Cocaine is an illegal drug. Therefore, any use of crack Cocaine is taken as an abuse. Smoking Cocaine in this form increases how fast it is absorbed by the body through the blood delivering an almost instantaneous high. Even so, the high moment caused by crack Cocaine lasts for a short time only.

All these good feelings are short lived and leave one yearning for more which leads to taking way more than the body can handle which could lead to death. There is no scale as how much is too much, hence even when experimenting one may easily overdoes.

Below are the immediate effects of smoking crack

  • Intense Happiness/Joy
  • Hyperactivity
  • anxiety
  • Talking too much
  • Presumptuousness

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An overdose can be one big hit or gradual summation of small hit over a short period.

It can be observed that enlargement of pupils and profuse sweating are experienced by the use prior to overdose. The ones who overdose will feel a high level of anxiety. Aggressiveness will also occur. Worse than that, seizures and/or hallucinations can affect the users too. Underlying renal disorders and hypertension worsen the outcome of crack.

Addiction To Crack Cocaine

Standard Cocaine is less habit-forming and does not affect the mind and body the way crack does. It can be said that it is highly likely for a first-time crack user to develop the addiction. Addicts need a bigger dose of the substance to keep the high they feel that is so enjoyable, but also very short. Without the users realizing it, they have already been strangled by the addiction to crack Cocaine after some time. They will no longer feel normal without the crack Cocaine because crack Cocaine damages their brain.

The addicts will feel withdrawal side effects when they try to stop, after the crack addiction evolves, and they need bigger doses of the drug to feel the desired effects. The addict's physiology is reconditioned to depend on crack for survival.

The cravings grow stronger and stronger due to the undesirable withdrawal symptoms he or she experiences. Because of this, any bad side effects caused by the substance are usually ignore by the addict.

From Snorting Cocaine To Smoking Crack

People who have never used drugs before don't usually turn to crack. Addicts with Cocaine dependency problems are more likely to become crack users. As many people know, Cocaine is known as "rich man's drug" for its expensive price. On the contrary, crack is much more cheaper than Cocaine. Because of its affordable price, it gives access to many people to get it. Many people who are addicted to drugs are having financial issues because most substances are expensive. Crack is surely 'a saviour' for those addicts who are struggling financially. Although crack Cocaine is relatively affordable, crack users still spend more and more money to sustain their addiction.

How One Starts Using Statistics

Statistics about crack abuse are just evaluations based on some available facts since crack is an illicit drug.

How To Break An Addiction To Crack

Find the correct treatment can re-teach the brain to naturally produce dopamine again and return it to its natural, healthy self, without having to depend on crack Cocaine. Act now and take the initial decisive step to regain your life!