Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire

Understanding Cocaine

Cocaine, also known as "rich man's drug", is a dangerous stimulant that is addictive. This stimulant, if consumed, will take the user "to the cloud nine" which means it gives euphoria or extreme feeling and also makes the user fresh and alert and it gains its status as "rich man's drug" because of its expensive price.

Cocaine powder is derived from coca plant which intensely heightens dopamine secretions in the body leading to an elevated mood and high energy. It can be diffused in water and shot up, but can be smoked too ("freebasing"), even though it is usually snorted. Other popular names of Cocaine are coke, blow, or powder. Hundreds of people are attracted to it, even though most people nowadays know that it easy to form a Cocaine dependency.

If You Are One Of This Statistic Or Has Been Recurrently Abusing The Substance Seek Help As Soon As Possible

Every day around 1,800 Americans will try Cocaine for the first time in their lives.

Cocaine Use And Its Impact

Cocaine is an illegal drug unless for medical purpose, therefore, any usage out of medical purpose is illegal. Cocaine stimulates the brain to produce hormones which increases happiness drastically and this is why the Cocaine users will be gone into some euphoria after using it. Chronic users have learned to increase frequency of use to sustain the high and on the other hand, intravenous use of Cocaine is more predisposed to overdose.

Some other notable manifestations of Cocaine use are

  • Talkativeness
  • Intense eagerness and enthusiasm
  • Awareness
  • Agitation
  • Excessive confidence

These influences on the body however have a timeline which is determined by the method by which the drug way taken. If sniffed in powder form the 'high is fleeting lasting a mere half an hour. This 'high' is even more elusive when inhaled or injected as a solute.

The sort after feeling of euphoria however takes a toil on your blood pump which could lead to heart failure and inevitable death. Ask for help immediately if you or someone close to you is using Cocaine.

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Addiction To Cocaine

It might be difficult to see if someone is dependent to Cocaine even though it is a very addictive substance. The main symptoms of Cocaine addiction is knowing that it is dangerous and life threatening, yet can not stop consuming it. There are many physical symptoms of Cocaine dependency, but the most difficult part to control is a mental addiction. It becomes easier to continue using Cocaine than to stop.

For addicts to feel like themselves again, they need to use Cocaine on a regular basis because they are highly addicted to the substance. Getting hooked means it is not easy to stop the use without dire withdrawal consequences. The brain's incentive system is rewired in the long run because Cocaine hikes the amount of dopamine that is produced in the brain to excessive levels. To break the addiction, it is advisable to get a support group as there is power in numbers in the war against Cocaine.

Cocaine And Other Drugs

Rarely does one decide to try Cocaine all on their own, bad company ruins good character. A lot of Cocaine users have an addiction to some other substances as well because of this, primarily marijuana or alcohol. Mixing drugs has fatal consequences.

Alcohol could distract cocaine users because both of them are commonly consumed together, so, it is said that alcohol can distract the Cocaine users' addiction into it. It is crucially needed for all drugs user to completely stop the usage of drugs if they want to be fully healed from the addiction. A mixture of heroin and Cocaine is called speedball and this combination is the most lethal of all Cocaine combinations.

Cocaine Statistics

Among all illegal substances, the most emergency room cases are connected with Cocaine abuse. Those who had been admitted to the emergency unit because of drugs, 68% of them had more than one kind of drug in their body.

Treating A Cocaine Addiction

It is hard to overcome a Cocaine addiction. But, for those who are ready to fight to get better there, is assistance and resources to be found. Cocaine addiction treatment and rehabilitation information's is available now.