Cannabis Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire

The Signs Of Cannabis Use

Cannabis can create problems in your personal life, however the impacts of Cannabis are not harmful as the other drugs. If someone you care about is utilizing Cannabis then you must be alert to know the first symptoms. Nobody can understand the mental consequences of extended Cannabis abuse. More than one study states that Cannabis abuse puts a person at an increased risk of mental health conditions like schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression.

Below are some of the common signs indicating Cannabis abuse

  • Red Eyes
  • Increased hunger
  • Lower motivation to do other things
  • Gain in weight
  • Extreme nervousness
  • Impaired coordination
  • Slowed reaction

The Hazards Of Cannabis

Most American people have no issues with using Cannabis as compared to alcohol. In some states, Cannabis use for recreational purposes has been legalised.

The use of Cannabis can seem less harmful. How Cannabis affects cognitive ability in long-term is not properly understood. While there is not definitive evidence on the dangers of Cannabis use in adults, teenagers and children are in risk of developing associated conditions.

A person's ability to retain new memories and their short term memory is usually impaired by Cannabis use.

Immediate Side Effects Of Chronic Cannabis Use

Cannabis itself is not a drug that can kill but there are other dangers that may arise from its use. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, from 2006 to 2010, Cannabis-related emergencies have increased around 56 percent. There are however certain effects that can still be connected to the use of the drug. Typically, people addicted to Cannabis don't feel normal until they get high.

Using Cannabis can have instant negative side effects like

  • Paranoid behaviour
  • Increased appetite
  • Panic attacks
  • High heart rate
  • Weakened motor performance
  • Cognitive Functions Impairment

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Long-Term Effects Of Cannabis Addiction

Unlike other drugs, long-term side-effects associated with Cannabis use are not life-threatening. Here are some of the likely side-effects of prolonged use of the substance

  • Abrupt and unaccountable changes of mood
  • Lung Disease
  • Panic seizures
  • Learning Impairment
  • Cognitive inhibition
  • Amnesia

How Cannabis Can Affect Teens

Research done by Duke University has brought out the risks associated with Cannabis addiction. The researchers found that participants in the studied group, comprising of 1037 individuals, who used Cannabis as teenagers showed an 8-point reduction in their IQ on average. With that said, the researchers agreed that other factors could also have cause the reduction in IQ.

Cannabis Addiction Recognition

A very obvious sign that someone is addicted to Cannabis is the inability to stop using while being well aware of the negative effects. This means that the user spends more money than reasonable on drugs and can become out of control during work.

Clinically, Cannabis warning signs include the desire to have more of it in order to get high as well as preferring the use of Cannabis to other responsibilities such as social and occupation. There is a clinical criteria that helps people diagnose Cannabis addiction.

Intervention And Cannabis Related Problems

An intervention can provide an addict with the motivation to stop using the drug and this could be important if the use of the drug is preventing them from leading a healthy life. The Cannabis user probably will not believe that they are an addict so they will not take help. Cannabis addicted individuals tend to disregard the fact that they can develop dependency on the substance making it hard for them to seek help. If your child is using Cannabis on a regular basis, it's about time you explain the potential dangers of long-term Cannabis use to him or her. Get more information on the importance of conducting an intervention.

Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms And Steps For Recovery

Some individuals with a long history of using Cannabis are reported to experience withdrawal side-effects once they decide to call it quits. Withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting Cannabis use are not physical like with other drugs.

Short-temper, sleeplessness, hunger and nervousness are the indications when an habitual Cannabis user stop taking the drug cold-turkey.

Undergoing treatment helps you deal with psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal of Cannabis. Support groups can be comforting while a counsellor can help you to get through the particularly challenging moments. If you or someone you care about is having problems with Cannabis abuse, feel free to contact us for help.