Cannabis Addiction and Abuse in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire

Knowing Cannabis

In America, about 4 million people are stated to take Cannabis drug. It is manhandled and a unlawful substance.

The plant from which Cannabis is derived is cannabis. Just like it is the case with cigarettes, it is generally parched up, crushed and smoked. Likewise, Cannabis can be eaten in many different presentations.

Edibles are foods infused with cannabis, mainly presented as baked goods and candies that provide users a similar effects as smoking it.

a substance concentrated from the plant called resin produces a strong and elevated feeling. "Dab" as most users call it, is a viscous substance that can come crystallized as candy and is consumed inhaled and vaporised. Wax, budder and shatter are other names for dabs.

In certain states, the use of Cannabis for medical purposes is legal and in some, recreational use is also allowed. Cannabis has been used a stress reliever and pain reliever and it can also be used to increase a person's appetite. People also use it for relaxation and achieving a high. "pot", "dope", "ganja", "grass", "weed", and "maryjane" are some of Cannabis street name.

Cannabis has a extended past of law for and in contradiction of its usage. Triggered by varied feelings and propaganda, it is still unclear about the risks associated with Cannabis addiction.

Effects Of Using Cannabis

Cannabis acts on the central nervous system and produces changes in brain function. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical that causes most of the drugs' effects.

Cannabis effects may vary from one user to other depending on the mode of consumption. Ingesting the drug produces intoxication that lasts longer than smoking it although it also takes effect much more slowly.

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Because of the intense amount of THC, the impact of dabs is immediate as well as it lasts for many hours. Among the effects of Cannabis, we can find

  • Feeling elated
  • Mild hallucinations
  • Increased hunger
  • Less stress

It is impossible for someone to die as a direct result of Cannabis overdose, but cannabis sends more people to the emergency room than most other drugs. The reason for high-rate of emergency room visitation is attributed to the accidents resulting because of being intoxicated after taking Cannabis.

Higher Thc Concentration In Cannabis

Compared to the 1960s, the amount of THC in Cannabis that is available nowadays is higher by as much as 300 percent in some cases. Today the increased amount of THC in Cannabis has increased boozing related danger and has also increased danger of addiction.

Addiction from Cannabis can be medically analysed and impacts negatively on the life of the user.

Obsession Of Cannabis

Just like in other addictions, it is possible to develop a psychological addiction on Cannabis. Using Cannabis, just like other addictive drugs, influences the levels of dopamine in the brain by reducing neurochemical natural production.

Because of the chemical changes that cannabis causes in the brain, a cannabis user becomes dependent on dopamine to feel all right and relaxed. Cannabis use increases the Dopamine levels in the user's' brain, albeit only temporarily. When a person wants to stop taking Cannabis but find themselves unable to do so, this usually means that they are addicted.

The risks associated to Cannabis use can affect the users' personal life. The risks associated to Cannabis and its chronic use can lead to the following consequences

  • Problems with law enforcement agencies
  • Low grades in School and College
  • Poor performance at office
  • Reduction in learning activities and impaired memory

Prolonged Cannabis usage with disregard to the negative effects leads to addiction. Try to know as much as you can about symptoms associated with Cannabis addiction and its negative effects.

Other Drugs And Cannabis

Due to experimenting with Cannabis, people begin the utilization of more harder drugs like Cocaine, so it is considered as a entrance for other alcohols or drugs. The position of Cannabis as a Gateway Drug is mostly associated to teenage drug use, as teenagers are much more likely to experiment with other, stronger drugs. Due to popular culture depictions, Cannabis use has been steadily rising. The risk of addiction to cannabis or other harder drugs is higher in teen Cannabis users than adult users.

Data On Cannabis Abuse

Treatment For Cannabis Abuse

Many people who have ingested Cannabis for a prolonged period of time find it a daunting task to quit by themselves. Getting help for the addiction is what works best when one is addicted to Cannabis. Treatment options are far more simple than with other drugs, and are as simple as visiting a group or going to counselling. To learn more, contact us now! 0800 772 3971